Jinja Source of the Nile Tour - 1 Day

Jinja Source of the Nile Tour

You should after commute to Jinja town once the industrial capital of Uganda yet today a private town loaded with numerous old Indian styled structures in which numerous Indians lived amid the pre-amin era, some of whom have come back to recover their old properties.

Day 1
Transfer to Jinja via Sezibwa Falls, Mabira Forest and the Source of the Nile.

Early morning after breakfast you should be picked from your convenience in Kampala or Entebbe and set off to Jinja. For any guest, the Ssezibwa falls will leave a noteworthy experience on your heart.

On your way as you approach Mabira Forest you will drop by sellers of the fast-food roasted chicken and beef on sticks done the nearby way.

On top of the dazzling more than 312 tree and plant species, the forest has more than 300 types of birds and more than 218 of butterflies. sNever the less you should discover distinctive sorts of monkey and different mammals in this Forest strolling underneath this shade of an African tropical Rainforest . 

Arrive in Jinja in time for Lunch, After lunch you will take a short ride to the source of the Nile-a calm excellent spot, loaded with palm trees, phenomenal tropical plants and as you stroll down the progressions toward the Nile you can possess a scent reminiscent of the blooms there.

As you stand on the Nile, you will hear the sputtering water, watch local anglers toss their nets in the longest waterway in Africa- You will take a Boat Ride to the real source of the Nile and past the lake where you will take extraordinary pictures for future recollections.

White water rafting

27 Kilometers of the best Grade 5 rafting you could ever experience. Up to 12 rapids are run on this full day section of the mighty River Nile.

Four of them are Grade 5 and are guaranteed to get your heart pumping and adrenaline flowing. ''This is not for the faint hearted''. Watch out for ''Total Gangs'', Big Brother'', ''Over Time'', ''Sibling Rivalry'' and the simply awesome ''The Bad Place''. However, you do not need to know how to swim to do this. Your safety is our priority, so therefore you do not need to fear. After all that, a huge BBQ awaits you at the end of your unforgettable experience!!

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